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TBW Cohort 001 November 12-16, 2018-4501

Warrior Community


TBW Cohort 001 November 12-16, 2018-4504

Family Support

Community Site

(Coming Soon)

We have built this alumni only section to allow our graduates of The Revenant  Journey an online environment to stay in community, continue their healing journey and take part in alumni only events.

Inside you will find:

  • TBW Resource Center - Find services for veterans and first responders. Read reviews from your fellow alumni to help you choose the best services.

  • Alumni Community Forums - A place to continue the journey of healing with your fellow alumni. A place to learn, support, and celebrate as we continue on the journey of healing together.

  • TBW & Community Events - Join your fellow alumni for exclusive events such as dinners, book clubs, hunting expeditions, sporting events and more. 

  • Volunteer Opportunities - Give back to your community along with fellow alumni.

  • Online Continuing Education - Participate in free exclusive online alumni events from industry experts in meditation, yoga, fitness and nutrition and more.

Not an alumni or family member of an alumni? Apply today to begin your Revenant Journey

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