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Gentle Stream


There is a unique reward in looking first hand at someone’s journey from the darkness into a new perspective for life.  In your own experience you saw how impactful it was to have others serving you by walking along with you.  It is more impactful to serve and give.  You can  find greater clarity in your own walk, and see the importance of community more clearly after serving.  Safely holding the space for others to explore the darkness and extinguish the pain is an important role in the Revenant Journey.  If you feel this is a role that you would take responsibility for, we invite you to enter into the process by filling out the entry form below.  Your desire and completing this application is not a guarantee to participate.  Many factors are considered in selection of mentors; participation in a previous cohort, willingness to serve, peer-review, availability, and overall portrayal of the ETHOS of The Battle Within are some of what plays into the selection process for mentors.

Fall 2019 Mentor Training & Rostering Process

1. July 9th, 2019 - August  1st, 2019 Applications will be accepted. (If you have applied previously, you will be receiving an email with a returning mentor application to let us know what dates you are available for the Fall semester.)
2. Completed by August 4th, 2019
The program team will review applications and conduct interviews.
3. August 5th, 2019 
Mentors will be announced for fall semester classes.
4. August - September
Attend 1 mandatory mentor training session. (If you have previously attended a TBW mentor training you do not need to attend again.)
  • Training Dates will be announced based on demand between class 005 and 006.

New Mentor Application

The Battle Within Ethos

  • Responsibility
  • Honesty
  • Humility
  • Anonymity
  • Participant is Hero (No cult of personality)
  • Holistic Scope (Mind, Body and Soul- respect for Spiritual)
  • Unconditional Positive Regard
Please consider these elements as you approach this calling.

Fall 2019 Mentor Selection Committee

  • Nate Magers
  • Katie Daugherty
  • Josh Krasovec
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