• Kit Vallinmäki

Podcast: “Josh Krasovec - Persistence in the Face of Trauma"

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

The Battle Within Community Director, Josh Krasovec is featured in this podcast, “Josh Krasovec-Persistence in the Face of Trauma," from "Known...Digging Deeper."

Josh speaks to the creation of The Battle Within (TBW), not by PHD’s, but by two Army buddies who had been involved in combat operations in Sadr City, Iraq. Sadr City had some of the heaviest sustained combat operations in The Global War on Terror. TBW is for more than just veterans, Josh points out: "veterans, first responders, dispatchers, ER staff … if you deal with visceral realities of life behind your service background, we probably have a seat for you.”

Josh himself is KCPD, former undercover narcotics. In that role he came to see some of the worst parts of society, and the aberrant balancing of odds in the war on drugs. In time, Josh was violently robbed in this role. But the layer-upon-layer of experiences had already begun taking their toll on his marriage, time with his daughter, and almost his life as he stood before a mirror with a gun to his head, contemplating the future.

The podcast is 45 minutes, and moves quickly. See if YOU find part of yourself in Josh’s story, and visit to find out how to overcome the negative thoughts that play in your head.