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The Journey Continues with Fitness

What an experience this CrossFit has been!!  When I signed up for the opportunity, I signed up simply for muscle strength and mobility.  I had had a right knee replacement last December 5 and I needed to have the mobility back that I had lost.  Little did I realize how much more this experience would be for me, and I am quite sure, the other members who attend with me.

"Mama" Horton taking Direction from Chalk Up For Burpees Founder Josh Snyder.

Josh Snyder, the man who leads us every Tuesday and Thursday, is a Marine who is passionate about what he is building.  He doesn’t care about limitations, but he does care about that you try.  He is inspiring, he is compassionate, he is disciplined, he practices what he preaches, and he has a true love for all who aspire to their goals.  He is always giving out praise, he cracks the whip, to be sure, but he makes sure you know that he is proud of what you accomplish.  He says, “You’re doin’ good, Mama!”  “Keep it up, Mama.”  “You got this, Mama!”  “Way to go, Mama!”  And, he does that with EVERYONE!  We, all our class, have discussed how Josh, and CrossFit, has made such a huge difference in our lives, how this has touched us and made us feel so much stronger in ourselves.  We are all so incredibly grateful.

To be at CrossFit on The Hill has been an amazing experience and I am so grateful that I got the opportunity.  The difference in my life has been more than physical, it has been mental and spiritual as well.  I am stronger, I am healthier, I am happier!  My attitude has changed in that I feel I can cope with pretty much anything and I know that I will continue to feel that way because I love how that makes me empowered!  My beautiful Beloved Spousal Unit has noticed the change, too, and he is so very proud of me.  I love this!

I am so grateful to The Battle Within for the opportunity for this CrossFit experience and I highly most recommend it for everyone.  This experience is so healing and adds that to what we have learned and done in our cohorts, and, man, we are unstoppable!!  Josh Snyder makes this program so that anyone can do this work.  I am no spring chicken, but I can do this and I will continue to do this!  This program can be done by anyone!  Please, when it becomes available again, sign up for it.  It is so worth it!!  Thank you, Battle Within!  God love you!!!


CHALK FOR BURPEES is a proud member of the Warrior Mental Health Coalition. The Coalition is committed to providing an integrated continuum of care for our warriors. Chalk Up For Burpees 90 Day Program has a mission to aid veterans, first responders and police department personnel in the creation of lifelong health and wellness habits. The 90 Day Program uses the vehicle of fitness to teach the importance of taking care of your body all while reeducating participants on the necessity to also take care of their minds.  CU4B understand the incredible task at hand but believes that through structure, support and accountability we will be able to help break down the walls that stand in the way of the participant success in order for them to have a more fulfilling life.  


Orientation - Sept. 27th at 6pm. 

Class begins - Oct. 1st.

Commitment - 12 weeks, Tuesday's and Thursdays, 6 pm -7 pm

To sign up contact

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