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"Who does society turn to in a Crisis?"

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

This question is posed to each class of the Revenant Journey during their graduation ceremony by Program Director Nathan Magers. Each of these warriors (veterans and first responders) have spent five-days identifying the traumatic injuries their service has burdened them with, open the space to begin healing, and are now prepared to return to their lives and in many cases their jobs defending our nation or communities with the tools and support their journey of healing. Nate will go on to ask each class, "Do they turn to the politicians? Athletes? Actors?" With the Covid-19 pandemic, we are all quickly finding the answer to that question.

We can all agree with the deluge of competing news stories in a political year, our athletes on TV being replaced by game simulations and hoping Tom Hanks survives his latest bout of isolation as well as he did on the island with Wilson, we are not depending on these groups to guide us out of this nationwide crisis. We depend on our first responders, ER personnel and increasingly our military to continue serving us through these times. Our warriors face increased workload, heightened exposure to the virus, and managing an uneasy public.


As the term social distancing becomes a common phrase in our vernacular, our warriors have dealt with social isolation for years. As our medical community becomes overburdened responding to the pandemic, our mental health services that support our nation's warriors are forced to shutter as orders to shelter in place continue to be issued. The Battle Within is working to continue serving our warriors in distress throughout this crisis with remote programming and alumni of the program volunteering to hold the space for their fellow warriors.

As the strain on our first responders, military, and ER personnel continues to grow we as a community need to provide our warriors the place to heal, recover and reunite with their families. With your support The Battle Within can continue providing the support and healing

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Born from a group of veterans and first responders seeking to overcome Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). With a holistic set of evidence-based tools and training we provide warriors with lifestyle changes needed for long-term healing. This rich community of fellow warriors provides the ongoing support needed to develop these skills into healing habits that affect the mind, body and soul.

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