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Questions before you take the Leap

1. How much will it cost to attend a Revenant Journey Class?

The Revenant Journey is free to attend for all veterans and first responders. All classes are funded by donations from individuals and corporations who are committed in helping our nations warriors heal and succeed.


2. Who is eligible to attend?

The Reverent Journey is open to all military (active duty & veterans) from all era, as well as all first responders (police, fire, ems, Corrections officers, ER doctors & nurses). 



3. Are my Travel costs included?

At this time The Battle Within does not provide reimbursement for travel costs. We have developed relationships with departments and other non-profit organizations to provide free or reduced cost for air and ground travel for those in need. If you are in need of travel assistance, please inform your warrior outreach specialist.

4. Are food and lodging included?

Participants build bonds throughout the week at on-campus lodging which is provided by The Battle Within. Meals will be provided as well as snacks throughout the day. If you have any food allergies or considerations, please inform your warrior outreach specialist prior to attending your class.

5. Can I bring a weapon?

The Battle Within maintains a safe closed campus for all of our participants, staff, visitors and mentors. We do not allow weapons on campus.

6. Drugs or alcohol policy?

The Battle Within does not allow participants to bring non-prescribed drugs or alcohol.  Please note that while some states have legalized the use of marijuana including Missouri, it is not allowed on campus. Those who do not adhere to The Battle Within's substance abuse policy will be dismissed from the program at their own expense for travel & lodging.

Please bring any of your physician prescribed medications as you will continue taking them as prescribed during your Revenant Journey.

7. May I bring my service dog?

Certified service dogs are allowed on campus. They must remain on a leash when in public areas Emotional Support Animals or pets are not allowed per the campus policy.

8. Who will know I am attending a Revenant Journey?

Your attendance, what it entails, and anything you divulge, is completely confidential. We do not share who attends directly with employers, medical personnel, or other organizations.

9. What if I have a complaint about the organization or services I received?

  1. For complaints regarding programs such as FTN or RJ: Contact Adam Magers at

  2. For complaints about client rights, including abuse, harassment, or unprofessional behavior: Contact Adam Magers at

  3. For complaints about administrative team members: Contact Justin Hoover at

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