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We're all fighting
a battle within.

But we don't have to fight it alone.

We create pathways and experiences for men and women - from veterans to first responders to frontline medical personnel - to find hope.



Where every Veteran and First Responder receives the resources, time, and community to heal.

The Battle Within is for

life’s real heroes. Those who gave

their time, energy, and
livelihoods for others.

Veterans of the United States
Armed Forces, Active Duty
military, Police Officers,
Firefighters, Emergency
Medical Technicians, frontline
health-care workers.

Anyone whose job does not
allow them to say “no” when
called upon.

For the tired. For the
wounded. For those haunted
by traumatic experiences lived
while in service to others.

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Meeting you where you are to get you where you need to be.

The Revenant Journey

A five-day group therapy program created by fellow Veterans and First Responders to help others suffering from PTSD understand the traumas they have endured in service to others, provide an introduction to integrative tools that set the stage for healing, and develop a community of support.


Frontline Therapy Network

Our approach is to interview each Veteran and First Responder to determine the proper therapy and therapist that will best serve their needs from our vetted referral network of well-qualified mental health providers. TBW then provides six free therapy sessions to begin the therapeutic relationship and treat their traumas.


Healthcare professionals are often who others look to in their most traumatic moments for help. So where do those helpers go when they need help processing all the trauma they encounter on the job? Partnering with The Battle Within offers just that; help for the helpers. Having a network where our healthcare professionals can turn when they are feeling hopeless, is paramount to keeping them well and whole.

Overland Park Regional Medical Center

TBW Cohort 001 November 12-16 2018-4506.jpg

Our impact since 2018


Revenant Journey graduates


Hours of therapy & experiential learning


Therapists in Frontline Therapy network


Applicants  of Frontline Therapy Network




Hours of peer mentorship


Hours of Frontline Therapy services provided.

Next 90 Network Programs

Next 90 Network Classes provided

Get Involved

Be part of our community of support!

Most of our Veterans and First Responders arrive at The Battle Within believing no one understands, cares, or thinks they are worth it. Find your way to show them how much their sacrifices mean to those they served.

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