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A person who has returned, especially supposedly from the dead.

Welcoming Veterans and First Responders Home

The Revenant Journey, brought to life by a robust community of  Veterans and First Responders, serves as a haven for those seeking to heal from traumatic injuries. Our free 5-day program is designed to bring Veterans and First Responders together and create a safe space where they can identify their burdens, confront them in a secure environment, and obtain the necessary tools to overcome them. By participating in our program, Veterans and First Responders can acquire new skills that can be applied to their life, leading to long-term healing success.


Created for Warriors by Warriors


"Healing is not something you do alone. It is something that you do together in the flesh. Putting your arms around one another, grabbing one another by the hand, and pulling each other out of the pit. You have an invitation. Go through the  program and find yourself standing shoulder to shoulder with us."

- Adam Magers, USA combat veteran and creator of The Revenant Journey

Created by Veterans and First Responders for Veterans and First Responders

"The Journey of healing is not a solitary one. It requires the support and companionship of others who can offer physical presence and emotional comfort. We believe that healing is a collective effort where we wrap our arms around each other, hold hands, and work together to climb out of the depths of pain and trauma. We warmly invite you to join us on this Journey of healing. By enrolling in our program, you'll stand alongside us, shoulder to shoulder, as we all take the path toward recovery and restoration."

- Adam Magers, a Combat Veteran of the United States Army, is the architect behind the Revenant Journey's curriculum

Who is Eligible?

We all know the first few moments of meeting someone from our professions. What is their rank, years in service, specialty, deployments, and, more importantly, how do you stack up? 


Many Veterans and First Responders suffer from imposter syndrome and believe they don't qualify for The battle Within services. The Battle Within was created for all those who swore an oath to protect their nation or communities. If you aren't sure if you qualify, please take this four-question quiz to determine your eligibility.

Take the Quiz to see if your service makes you eligible.

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Men's Cohorts

  • June 17-21

  • September 9-13

  • October 21-25

Women's Cohorts

  • June 3 - 7

  • July 22-26

  • September 23-27

Class Schedule

Revenant Journey sessions, serving 8-12 Veterans and First Responders, take place about once a month, with participants staying on campus from Monday to Friday. Each session is either all-male or all-female. Apply today to embark on your journey of healing. 

*Please note that there may be a waiting list at times due to high demand, but rest assured that our staff will prioritize providing the necessary care and resources.



KCMO Interview with Rick
KCMO Interview with Lisa
KCMO Interview with Keara
KCMO interview with William


The Battle Within has changed my life. I can honestly say that the most painful fraction of my loneliness is now gone. Loneliness I wasn't even aware of. I'm no longer alone in this Battle within. I don't have to heal by myself. I have my cohort brothers and all of you that my friends is real POWER!


It was a life-changing experience that gave me the opportunity to hit the reset button. It saved my career, my family and put my mind back in sync.



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