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Our Journey

Over 100 veterans, first responders, community leaders, and supporters came together to establish The Battle Within, believing that every warrior should have an equal opportunity to recover from the traumas they experienced while serving others. The organization has created a community for warriors nationwide to discover their path to healing and remain committed to achieving their mental and behavioral health objectives.

Who We Serve



  1.  (Especially in former times) a brave or experienced soldier or fighter.

  2.  Those who can't say no in the face of a crisis

    • Military & Veterans

    • First Responders (Law Enforcement, Fire Service, EMS, Dispatchers, Corrections Officers)

    • Frontline Medical Personnel​


To break down barriers and provide all Warriors the mental and behavioral health support they need.


How We Serve

We provide a safe space for you to experience an awakening: to walk in freedom, to live lives of authentic, deep connection in your community, to maintain healthy relationships at home, and in the workplace.

You are a Warrior: brave and strong and sacrificial. We see you. And your life, your livelihood, your lifestyle, are worth fighting for.

Major Milestones


TBW graduates Revenant Journey Class 001

The Battle Within's community came together to support the first class of 10 Warriors from around the nation as they took a leap of faith to attend the first Revenant Journey class 001.

TBW Cohort 001 November 12-16 2018-8128 (1).jpg
KC Warrior Coalition Logo.png


The KC Warrior Coalition is founded

Chalk Up For Burpees' inaugural Next 90 Network class showcased the dedication of Revenant Journey graduates to continue their path toward healing and inspired the establishment of the KC Warrior Coalition.

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