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Frontline Therapy Network

The Battle Within offers a therapy program that matches you with the right therapist and covers the cost of their first six sessions. This structured support is designed to help individuals process trauma and establish healthy habits as part of their healing journey.

Emotional Support That Fits Your Needs

Finding the right therapist can be challenging and expensive, especially when few accept new patients. For Veterans and First Responders, starting therapy can be even more daunting, with various barriers to access—The Battle Within addresses this by offering support to overcome these obstacles.

Frontline Therapy Network offers:

  • Up to ten (10) free sessions of therapy

  • Trauma-informed therapists carefully vetted to serve Veterans and First Responders

  • Fully confidential

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Created for Warriors by Warriors

"Healing is not something you do alone. It is something that you do together in the flesh. Putting your arms around one another, grabbing one another by the hand, and pulling each other out of the pit. You have an invitation. Go through the  program and find yourself standing shoulder to shoulder with us."

Service Area

The Battle Within is currently serving Veterans and First Responders in:

  • Kansas

  • Missouri

  • Active duty military nationwide

  • Graduates of the Revenant Journey nationwide

Who is Eligible?

We all know the first few moments of meeting someone from our professions. What is their rank, years in service, specialty, deployments, and, more importantly, how do you stack up? 


Many Veterans and First Responders suffer from imposter syndrome and believe they don't qualify for The Battle Within services. The Battle Within was created for all those who swore an oath to protect their nation or communities If you aren't sure if you qualify, please take this four-question quiz to determine your eligibility.

Take the Quiz to see if your service makes you eligible.

    I have dealt with trauma and its impact of it my whole life. Not understanding it and believing it was my walk in life resulted in stuffing my emotions and disconnecting from everything that would bring any quality of life or feelings of accomplishment. In a period of 3 months, my mother died (funeral and estate issues) loss my job, marital complications, loss of work network, unemployment, job search, and starting a new career were some of the things I had to deal with. I don’t know how I would have handled this had I not had this experience and support. Thank you.

- FTN client 



Dispatches from the frontlines

Our Network

The Frontline Therapy Network is composed of a diverse and experienced team of licensed mental health professionals who can meet a wide range of needs and who accept a wide range of insurance.

​The Frontline Therapy Network is a team of licensed mental health professionals with diverse backgrounds and experience equipped to meet various needs and accept different insurance plans.

Each client receives a complimentary clinical interview with a member of the Clinical Team, who assesses the best therapy type and therapist for the client based on their unique situation, preferences, location, schedule, and insurance. Once a suitable provider is identified and confirms their interest, we facilitate a warm hand-off to establish a therapeutic relationship. Additionally, the network covers the cost of the first six sessions to support the client's journey toward mental wellness.

If you are a provider interested in joining the network, please submit the provider application.

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