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Welcoming Warriors Home

Through the centuries of warfare, warriors were welcomed home from the killing fields by their communities to help them heal from the wounds inflicted on their mind, body and soul. Through feasts, songs, ceremony and rituals, they would celebrate and mourn together as one. This welcoming process helped weary warriors cleanse their souls and reintegrate back into lives of peace.

The Battle Within was founded by over 100 veterans, first responders, community leaders and supporters who believe that every warrior deserves the same opportunity to heal from the traumas they have endured in their service to others. They have come together to build a community for warriors nationwide to attend for free, a five day program built by warriors using holistic techniques steeped in ancient warrior culture and backed by modern evidence based methods.

Learn more about attending your free 5-day Revenant Journey.

TBW Cohort 001 November 12-16, 2018-8029
TBW Cohort 001 November 12-16, 2018-4432

"Healing is not something you do alone. It is something that you do together in the flesh. Putting your arms around one another, grabbing one another by the hand and pulling each other out of the pit. You have an invitation. Go through the program and find yourself standing shoulder to shoulder with us."

-Adam Magers, founder of the veteran PTSD treatment movement in Kansas City

The Battle Within is committed to helping our alumni develop the skills needed for long-term healing. Our graduates continue their journey with access to the following resources of support:


  • Family Support - PTSD effects so many more than just the warrior. TBW provides services to help the family understand, support and heal alongside their warriors.

  • Continuing Education classes - Graduates of the Revenant Journey are able to participate in free continuing education classes to fully develop the tools they have learned into real meaningful lifestyle changes.

  • Community Building events - Being around those with the same mission to heal helps keep you on your path to healing. From alumni dinners to alumni led art classes, there are many opportunities to stay in touch with your fellow alumni.

  • A commitment to service - Alumni are given opportunities to continue to serve both their fellow warriors and their local community. 

Learn more about how The Battle Within continues their mission by exploring the community benefits.

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