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Dogs 4 Valor

Our approach pairs retired veterans and first responders with service dogs, focusing on partnership rather than just command training. This connection addresses challenges like Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), helping them manage daily issues such as anxiety, depression, and crowded spaces. This transformative bond offers a way out of isolation and into a life of greater peace and understanding.

When they looked for a hand-up, they found a paw.

Dogs 4 Valor offers a heartfelt 6 to 9-month training and certification program for service dogs, specifically designed to support retired veterans and first responders. Our program nurtures a deep and trusting relationship between each handler and their dog, equipping them to face challenges like anxiety, depression, and PTSD together. Through this transformative journey, we're committed to enhancing our heroes' day-to-day lives and overall mental well-being.

Dogs 4 Valor offers at no cost:

  • We'll evaluate your current dog or help you find the perfect companion.

  • We supply everything your service dog needs during training.
    Our training meets Assistance Dogs International (ADI) standards.

  • Post-graduation, we offer ongoing support and recertification.

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Service Area

Dogs 4 Valor serves retired veterans and first responders who have been diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in the Kansas City Metro area.

Who is Eligible?

We all know the first few moments of meeting someone from our professions. What is their rank, years in service, specialty, deployments, and, more importantly, how do you stack up? 


Many Veterans and First Responders suffer from imposter syndrome and believe they don't qualify for The Battle Within services. The Battle Within was created for all those who swore an oath to protect their nation or communities If you aren't sure if you qualify, please take this four-question quiz to determine your eligibility.

Take the Quiz to see if your service makes you eligible.

Training Team Testimonials

      I didn’t know I needed a service dog. I just figured that all vets went to stores and couldn’t remember the items on their grocery lists or decided not to go in even when they were in the parking lot. I thought that was perfectly normal, along with avoiding large groups of people, and being unable to keep long-term work. 

Then I got Albus. Albus wasn’t initially meant to be a service dog, I got him to be my dog. I figured he would help me get out of the house a bit more often because I would be walking him. I had no idea how much he would change my life.

I happened onto a presentation by Dogs 4 Valor at an ROA event. I heard some of what the dogs were trained to do and how it helped veterans not just rebuild their lives but have a good quality of life. I applied the next day.

Albus and I started training in October 2023 and haven’t looked back. I was probably about a month in when I realized how much I had shut myself away from the world. Slowly, Albus and I have been making our way back into doing all the stuff I used to try and avoid. I’m working again and Albus enjoys hanging with me during work. Recently, I finally went to a busy store on the weekend and was able to get everything on my grocery list, it may sound simple but it’s a huge win for me. 


Dogs 4 Valor and Albus gave me back a part of life I hadn’t realized I had lost.

- Heather, Air Force Veteran & Albus (Labradoodle)



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